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James Crumley

James Crumley
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Books by James Crumley


One to Count Cadence (1994)

This is an alright novel that became a chore to read about halfway through. It's about soldiers in the earliest days of the Vietnam conflict, but mostly takes place on a base in the Phillippines. It was James Crumley's first and came out in the early 70s (I think). I got my copy in a Goodwill in ...

One to Count Cadence (1994) by James Crumley

The Last Good Kiss (1988)

Un grande libro, un hardboiled scritto in maniera mirabile come solo Il Grande Sonno di Raymond Chandler ¨¨ riuscito.Se dovessi indicare, come nelle altre recensioni, una canzone, vengono in mente Isaac Hayes e il grande Marving Gay con lo splendido video di Inner City Blues (cliccate perch¨¨ meri...

The Last Good Kiss (1988) by James Crumley

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