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Abomination (2007)

Abomination (2007)

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About book Abomination (2007)

I think this book was intended for young adults or even adults. The main issue in this book is a little girl named Martha grows up different then many other children and has a hard time making desicions not knowing right or wrong. It takes place at Taylor Hill where her house and school are located. It's a little earlier in time around the 1980's maybe 90's around the time when people first started computers in their homes. The main characters are Martha - girl who was a righteous, shes confused, wears ugly clothing her mom gives her.Scott - Boy that befriends Martha and is very determined and caring.Martha's Parents - both set in own ways, cruel, unkind.A boy named Scott moves in a new town. At his new school there is an odd girl who dresses funny and is made fun of all the time. No one ever shared or asked to borrow something from her. One day he noticed her digging through her pencil pouch so he offered her his ruler. From then on he started getting made fun of from lending his ruler. From there he made friends with Martha the strange girl. Martha grew up in a different culture than everyone else it is called "Righteous". Shes not aloud to go on the internet, watch T.V., or listen to the devils music (normal music). The worst part of her day is feeding Abomination. As Scott becomes better friends with her he wants to try to help her. She had told him she has a sister named Mary who left years ago but still writes to her. Martha has one secret she cant tell anyone and that is Abomination. One day Scott came to her house unexpectedly. He hear Abomination so Martha told him what is was. The "Abomination" was Marys baby living in a cell for 6 years. Martha's parents found out that Martha had told Scott. Her parents packed up fast and said they were moving. Scott started emailing asking for Mary her sister. Finally a response came back and Mary went to the house, grabbed her baby and Martha then escaped hoping for a better life.I liked Scott's new love for Martha and his care for her. I didn't like how Martha saw Abomination and her thoughts of him. This first quote shows what Scott was starting to feel for Martha" I think I love her. I mean, it was obvious I liked her a lot, but surely you don't think about somebody every minute of the day and night just because you like them." pg 169This next quote shows Martha's feelings toward Abomination"One of my worst jobs was to feed Abomination. It is my worst thing." pg. 7The theme I think is "Everyone's life is different"This book is very eerie. It is definitely not for everyone. I think people who can handle more suspenseful things as well as a mystery would enjoy it. But you also need to have an open mind that not everyone is the same and things like this happen and some people don't understand that it is even wrong. This book is unique because it goes into a life of a girl who's religion and the way she lives is totally different then anything I've heard of. You see different perspectives and beliefs. Also you don't know until the very end what Abomination is, this keeps you reading!

Abomination ReviewtPlot: Abomination is about two kids, Martha and Scott. Martha lives a life controlled by the Righteous, a religious group. The Righteous are very different from the rest of society. The Righteous have lots of rules that are enforced through the different Righteous families. Due to being part of the Righteous, Martha struggles to fit in with everyone else and even has to face torment in her school for being so “different”. One rule in her family is heavily enforced and if broken, may have dire consequences. If Martha chooses to ignore this rule, she may end up like her sister, Mary, who had been sent away for greatly disobeying the rules of the Righteous. The rule is- Do not invite anyone home. Otherwise, Martha may reveal her family’s deepest, darkest secret- Abomination - and if revealed, may cause a catastrophic aftermath that will wreck and bring Martha’s family apart. Scott has just moved and is new to the school. One afternoon, Scott and Martha meet and actually get to know each other. Over time, their friendship develops greatly. But as their friendship grows stronger, Martha’s parents start to concern the possibility that they might get too close- close enough to reveal their dark, grim secret. Martha’s parents will do almost anything to hide the secret...My opinion on the theme:I feel like the theme of Abomination is even though you are facing hard experiences or you feel like you don’t fit in with everybody else, there is always a person to aid you and be at your side to bring you up. -At first, Martha faces great sorrow until she meets Scott and become true friends.This novel made me want to continue reading...I think Abomination is a very unique story as it combines friendship (Scott and Martha becoming great friends) and trust (Martha developed a very strong friendship with Scott and trusted him with her family’s deepest secret.) along with the conflict -Abomination.But even though it kept me reading, it was not exactly what I thought it would be. At first, I anticipated a thrilling story filled with horror. But as I read on, I noticed that it didn’t include much of Abomination, but talked a lot about Martha and Scott’s growing friendship. Though this was not what I was expecting, it was a very interesting story.My overall rating:4.5/5

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This book is easily among the worst I've ever read. The story entirely lacked plausibility (ironically, the 'abomination' is perhaps the most believable aspect of it). Martha's interaction with her parents was badly written, and, even when disregarding that, there is still the gaping plotholes and painful presentation of Scott and Martha's friendship-and-something-more to contend with. The ending left me horrified and unsatisfied - neither in a good way. This book was a struggle to read; I had given up by page 20.

To start with, cards on the table, I like Robert Swindells. At times I find that he writes a little 'by the numbers' but he has written some great books for children. And Abomination is another cracking good read from the master of the dual narrative. He keeps the story racing along with short chapters, corking cliffhangers, constant questions for the reader and intense moral dilemmas for the characters.Despite having younger central characters - only twelve years of age - the novel has at its heart a message of personal development and strength and I found that even for me, sitting squat and ugly in middle age, their characters and problems were both interesting and engaging. Now, twelve is the age that is also an insult for those blessed with baby faces - 'they looked about twelve'. Not thirteen, that would be too old, too worldy wise. Not eleven, that doesn't sound quite right. Twelve. Only twelve works as the insult for the Dorian Greys of the world. So it was slightly uncomfortable, as a father, to have a romance developing between the embryonic protagonists, to have issues of domestic abuse and social responsibilities that they are faced with. Uncomfortable, but gripping. And ultimately, you forget that the characters are inchoate twelve year olds. You get drawn into their world and their lives and their voices. Swindells creates interesting characters through his first person dual narrative and interesting events and he writes in an exciting style. It's always going to be a winning formula. But let's face it, he's not really writing for me. He wasn't considering the comfortable clothes wearing, comfortably settled, middle aged target audience, but a younger audience. And he presents them with real issues, thought provoking problems - a little far fetched - but definitely thought provoking, the frisson of romance.In terms of the narrative there are some delightful touches. The parallel lives of the characters and their development are worked very effectively although the themes sometimes seem unlikely. A religious group of zealots called 'The Righteous'? Not so likely. Living in good old blighty? Even less likely. But then again, if religious extremist was so unlikely, if our world was so easy to define then I wouldn't be able to recall the Victoria Climbie case and how British social services was forced to reform in the light of her death. So sadly, perhaps it's not so far fetched...In all honesty, I read this book because it was a class reader for a class of twelve and thirteen year olds. I'm glad I did.They loved it.I really liked it.I would highly recommend it.
°™Alec Dunn

In ABOMINATION, the bad guys are a religious extremist group that encourages child abuse, dictates what its parishioners wear, and regulates how they behave. It is a condemning look at a religious faction in which the families do not have television, computers, or cell phones. This sort of reminds me of different sects in real life. Swindells writing style and story is one I wont forget. I was expecting a thriller/horror but what I read was filled with friendship,conflict and I took from it was never judge someone based on appearances as everyone has a story. Its a very strong book with tough subjects such as child abuse I would recommend anyone to read it

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