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Series: Aramov

by Author Robert Muchamore


CHERUB: People's Republic (2011)

Peoples Rupublic by Robert Muchamore Twelve year old Ryan is part of CHERUB, a branch of the British Intelligence that trains kids as agents. The advantage of having young spies is that no one expects them to be undercover agents. Ryan's latest mission is to befriend a rich woman's grandson, ...

CHERUB: People's Republic (2011) by Robert Muchamore

People's Republic (2011)

I really liked this book. I have read a few of the earlier books where the main character is james, although I do not like this character the book is still really goodMy favourite character in this book is Ning. Ning is my favorite character because she never gives up one minuet she is just ike a...

People's Republic (2011) by Robert Muchamore