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Series: Club Volare

by Author Chloe Cox


Submit and Surrender (2000)

I received an ARC from the author. I must say I have been Waiting for Ford and Adra's story for quite some tine and it did not disappoint. These two have been throwing each other heated glances in previous Club Volare books. We know something major had happened between them but we didn't know wha...

Submit and Surrender (2000) by Chloe Cox

Disciplined by the Dom (2013)

Meh, this is another Chloe Cox story that turned out just average for me. She is a good and solid writer, but somehow the sex scenes aren't her forte. This story is lacking intimacy, I need more than a brutal cut and jump to the next scene after some hot love making. Also, for all this talk abou...

Disciplined by the Dom (2013) by Chloe Cox

Taken by Chance (2000)

I just finished this book and I have got to say it was great! Chance is dealing with a past that has scarred him both emotionally and psychologically, but it has also helped to shape him into the man that he is today. While he knows that he has many issues he does not let those issues carry over ...

Taken by Chance (2000) by Chloe Cox

Savage Rhythm (2013)

So let me say Holy Hotness Batman!!! Savage Rhythm seriously ROCKED.MY.WORLD!!!! The story of Molly and Declan, two amazing people who were so beautifully broken, was amazing. The book was everything I could have ever asked for, BDSM, Rockstar, HEA, and characters with a story that just draws you...

Savage Rhythm (2013) by Chloe Cox

Tied to the Tycoon (2012)

This is a great story about 2 people who were in love 10 years ago but screwed up and are now back together again. Both Jackson and Ava are broken people the problem is they have never learned how to open up to another person. This is a great story though about finding love and finding a way to l...

Tied to the Tycoon (2012) by Chloe Cox

Marrying the Master (2013)

I have to be honest I read the first book of the Volare series, Sold To The Sheik, and was turned off to the Nth degree. I just couldn't with the whole BDSM scenes with the collars and leashes UGH. A friend of mine finally convinced me that I would like this one and to my shock I did. I really lo...

Marrying the Master (2013) by Chloe Cox

Sold to the Sheikh (2012)

This was the 1st story I've read by this author. I tend to prefer darker romances when I read about BDSM, they are usually edgier. However, I am thrilled to finally find an author to make a story that is BDSM in flavor, still romantic yet not a soft fluffy romance. A HEA ending is great but do it...

Sold to the Sheikh (2012) by Chloe Cox