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Series: Creepy Hollow

by Author Rachel Morgan


The Faerie War (2013)

I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as the others - I don't always enjoy books that deal with the character forgetting what happens (as a reader, I'm continually thinking "yes, you do know! Can I tell you?"). I oftentimes find that books dealing with memory loss don't allow the author to furth...

The Faerie War (2013) by Rachel  Morgan

The Fairy Guardian (2000)

I wanted to love this book. I mean it had everything I love: Fairies, fighting, forbidden romances, a power house main character. I just didn't like certain aspects. For one both Violet and Nate go from 0-hella-in-love in literally three seconds or less. Secondly Nate betrays her way too quickly...

The Fairy Guardian (2000) by Rachel  Morgan

The Faerie Guardian (2012)

I enjoyed the writing of this story. I was able to envision the fairie realm and the odd creatures through the well-worded descriptions. This story is filled with action and intertwined story lines. The characters kept me entertained and intrigued. I particularly liked the way the author gave add...

The Faerie Guardian (2012) by Rachel  Morgan