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Series: Falcon Mercenary Group

by Author Maya Banks


Into the Lair (2009)

Review for Into the Mist Book 1 of the Falcon Mercenary Group and this book Into the Lair book 2 of Falcon Mercenary Group. Note: These books are 1 and 2 of a series that the author for some reason decided not to continue and being that I found that out 1/2 way through the second book it did ca...

Into the Lair (2009) by Maya Banks

Into the Mist (2009)

With her brother's life on the line Tyana Berezovsky is not afraid to use everything in her power, including her body, to get information from Eli Chance, the man she feels is the cause of her brother's problems. Eli was the lead on the team that left her brother to die after he was chemically al...

Into the Mist (2009) by Maya Banks