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Series: Gates Of Thread And Stone

by Author Lori M. Lee


Gates of Thread and Stone (2014)

Antes que nada aclaro que escuch¨¦ el audiobook que est¨¢ muy mal le¨ªdo. La narradora parece que est¨¢ participando en una carrera y adem¨¢s muy enojada con el mundo. Pinta a Kai como una chica maleducada, brusca y desagradable, siempre responde mal y tiene un no se qu¨¦ en la voz insoportable. Esta r...

Gates of Thread and Stone (2014) by Lori M. Lee

Die Fäden der Zeit (2000)

I was completely enthralled when I started reading this book. So much so that I couldn't put it down. I finished it in one day. Lori M. Lee does a great job in creating and describing this magical world. I was actually able to picture and imagine where the characters were and what they were doing...

Die F?den der Zeit (2000) by Lori M. Lee