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Series: Krewe Of Hunters

by Author Heather Graham


Ondskans Arv (2013)

This story deals with perceived slight and mass-induced accusations just for being different. Thankfully, there is usually at least one person out there standing up to bullies and determined to find out the truth, no matter what.This adventures is based in Salem - where else could it be? - and w...

Ondskans Arv (2013) by Heather Graham

Evil Inside (2011)

I've read a couple of Heather Graham's books that focus on Salem and they both have drawn me in wholeheartedly. The way the author describes the city, the people and the time of year that the book's set in, it makes you want to plan a vacation there and experience it yourself. The mystery, twist ...

Evil Inside (2011) by Heather Graham

The Night Is Forever (2013)

I really love this book! I have a great love and passion for animals. I am thrilled this book was not only about ghosts and mystery, which I love as well, but about helping animals and people. I have always wanted to work for an equine place that helps to with children and adults with problems. T...

The Night Is Forever (2013) by Heather Graham

Night Is Forever, The (2013)

Olivia Gordon is seeing ghosts: one of them is a Civil War general, Rufus Cunningham. The other is her employer, Marcus Danby, whose body is in front of her ... while his ghost is tapping her on the shoulder.Thus begins "The Night is Forever."Set on a fictional equine-assisted therapy facility ...

Night Is Forever, The (2013) by Heather Graham

The Evil Inside (2011)

And again... so much to like about these characters and this series! I just wish the author wasn't so patterned in her approach to the story. While the details of the mystery and the ghosts are fresh, the pattern makes the books feel too familiar and trite, which takes away the fun and overall en...

The Evil Inside (2011) by Heather Graham

Night Is Alive, The (2013)

4.0 out of 5 stars Held my interest, February 23, 2014 This review is from: The Night Is Alive (Krewe of Hunters) This was my first book by Heather Graham in this series. The Night Is Alive" performed by Luke Daniels on CD.This story focuses on a grand-daughter, Abby, and her grand-father...

Night Is Alive, The (2013) by Heather Graham

Night Is Watching, The (2013)

I liked this entry in the Krewe series. I like how Ms. Graham focused on a few select Krewe members. There were many supporting characters in this novel and I think that if we had the entire Krewe, things could have gotten confusing. Glad to see Agent Jane Everett take center stage here. She prov...

Night Is Watching, The (2013) by Heather Graham

Dangereux faux-semblants (2014)

I can almost always count on a great read in this series and this book was no disappointment. The setting of this story is in the special effects that go into movies. I super enjoyed historical backdrop with the history of the movie theatre - Heather Graham kept the erie suspense going with the c...

Dangereux faux-semblants (2014) by Heather Graham

Ondskans Återkomst (2013)

N?r Jack The Rippers dyker upp och b?rjar m?rda igen efter 100 ?r s?tts New York i skr?ck. Polisen Jude Crosby f?r lov att ta hand om fallet, men tvingas f? med sig paranormala utredningsgruppen Krewe of Hunters. F?rst ut ?r Whitney Tremont, film makerskan. Konstigt nog har dom bara varit i varan...

Ondskans ?terkomst (2013) by Heather Graham

Sacred Evil (2011)

Readers of paranormal/horror will probably like this book more than I did. The writing is crisp and taut, the red herring had me guessing the identity of the killer incorrectly, but I thought the revelation of the killer was insufficiently set up earlier in the book. The ghost element didn't add ...

Sacred Evil (2011) by Heather Graham

Heart of Evil (2011)

Not a favorite by this author. It couldn't catch or keep my interest. It was my first Krewe Hunters book, and I didn't like it. The beginning dragged on forever with civil war world building. Don't get me wrong, I love the author's ties to history in her books. However, here she took a wrong turn...

Heart of Evil (2011) by Heather Graham