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Series: Lonestar

by Author Colleen Coble


Lonestar Angel (2011)

Clay Larson had a job that kept him away from his new wife Eden and at times put his own life at risk as a photo journalist in the drug lord filled jungles in Columbia. When their only infant daughter Brianna is suddenly kidnapped and a ransom offered, the Larson's marriage will be put to the ult...

Lonestar Angel (2011) by Colleen Coble

Lonestar Secrets (2008)

I think this is one of the best books by Colleen Coble that I have read so far. It is Christian and it does have lots of romance, but it is also filled with suspense, which I love the combination.It was so easy to feel like I was a part of the story living right there in it. I loved the character...

Lonestar Secrets (2008) by Colleen Coble

Lonestar Homecoming (2010)

I have read so many historical fiction books in which two people marry for convenience, or because one is a mail-order bride, I'm almost sick of the same old plot...but, I often wondered, how would this work in a contemporary fiction novel? How could you get two people to marry for convenience an...

Lonestar Homecoming (2010) by Colleen Coble

Lonestar Sanctuary (2008)

It is a good book to spend time reading. Allie has a generalized belief/view of God but does her best to trust him. Someone is stalking her and killing members of her family. The police don't seem to care. She runs to the Bluebird Youth Ranch, which turns out to be her grandfather's place. She's...

Lonestar Sanctuary (2008) by Colleen Coble