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Series: Love's Improbable Possibility

by Author Love Belvin


Love UnExpected (2013)

This series is getting better. I didn't feel as if the pace of the book stalled and then sped up like in the first book.This booked explored AD & RB discovering their deep felt love of one another. RB needs to hurry up and get over her trust issues and AD needs to go ahead and fully disclose all...

Love UnExpected (2013) by Love Belvin

Love Lost (2013)

There is a good plot in this first of four book series but it is buried under poor grammar, awkward writing, poor word choice and/or usage, improperly or inappropriate word usage, and a lack of proofreading. I understandd that the characters are urban and many involved in the drug scene are uned...

Love Lost (2013) by Love Belvin