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Series: Mamur Zapt

by Author Michael Pearce


The Mamur Zapt and the Girl in the Nile (1994)

This is another charming tale set in Egypt prior to WW1. The girl of the title has been seen dead on a sandbank in the Nile but when the police arrive the body has vanished. The hunt for the body begins. The Mamur Zapt, head of Secret Police, is involved because the girl is thought to have fallen...

The Mamur Zapt and the Girl in the Nile (1994) by Michael Pearce

The Night of the Dog (2002)

"The Mamur Zapt and the Night of the Dog" by Michael Pearce, #2 Mamur Zapt historical mystery series (our library only had this one in the series)I found this to be an interesting historical mystery set in a time that I'm unfamiliar with (early 1900's Egypt). I enjoyed the author's style of writi...

The Night of the Dog (2002) by Michael Pearce