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Series: Nigel Barnes

by Author Dan Waddell


Bloedlijn (2007)

I can't imagine this book getting better than two (It's OK) stars - but there you go. I'd call this book moderately interesting, with flaws that can't be ignored. "But Foster was in no mood to be optimistic. When he sniffed the air, he noticed only one smell: trouble." "Detective Heather Jenkins,...

Bloedlijn (2007) by Dan Waddell

Code 1879 (2007)

Very interesting mystery with a neat twist and engaging characters.DCI Grant Foster (at least he doesn't walk around wearing sunglasses all the time), Detective Heather Jenkins and crew are on the trail of a serial killer who is carving cryptic clues into the bodies of his victims. The clue lead...

Code 1879 (2007) by Dan Waddell