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Series: Scarabaeus

by Author Sara Creasy


Children of Scarabaeus (2011)

Yet another instance of thinking I'd grabbed a first book at the library. Oops. This one was a good read in spite of that. I didn't feel too lost (overall) and I really liked the world building. Would give this author money for books (as opposed to just getting them from the library) based on thi...

Children of Scarabaeus (2011) by Sara Creasy

Song of Scarabaeus (2010)

(This is not really a romance, but I'm sticking it on that shelf anyway.) I liked this a lot, with a few small caveats. A lot of strong character development in the secondary characters - I actually felt that the main character was least clear to me, as a person, and that made the semi-romance be...

Song of Scarabaeus (2010) by Sara Creasy