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Series: So Much It Hurts

by Author Melanie Dawn


Then There Was You (2000)

this is the continuation of Chris's story and how he moves on from Kaitlyn. It picks up where so much it hurts left off. Chris is reeling. He has just let go of the love of his life Kaitlyn and isn't doing well. On the road for his tour he turns to alcohol and woman to help drown the pain until h...

Then There Was You (2000) by Melanie Dawn

So Much It Hurts (2013)

The author spent too much time with the past story and too much time establishing Trevor's character. There's a lot of unnecessary dialogue. I am skimming through it which is unfortunate because I really wanted to like this story. It's a great topic and tender story, but the writing is lacking.It...

So Much It Hurts (2013) by Melanie Dawn