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Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure (2006)

Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure (2006)

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About book Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure (2006)

I wish I had started with the first book in this series, but our oldest said that her teacher had read an earlier Molly Moon book to the class and wanted to move to this one next. I will likely go back to the first stories, but probably not for awhile because this book took a long, long time to read aloud with our girls. It has almost 400 pages and few pictures. The story is confusing, with multiple versions of Molly and Petula and lots of time travel. It was difficult to keep the story straight, especially since we could only read a chapter or two at a time, but it was a fascinating tale. I would recommend this for older children (teens and adults, too!), as there are some parts that are not really appropriate for younger audiences (like when a maniacal madman of a maharaja named Waqt slit the throat of a goat in a sacrificial rite - p. 220, Chapter 22.) Waqt also wants to kill Molly and Petula and transposes the first letter of words as he speaks, which is humorous, but distracting for reading aloud. Hindu philosophy is woven throughout the story, which I found to be absolutely enchanting. And I rather enjoyed the history lesson, both about 1870 and present-day India, as well as Molly time traveled to the beginning of time. notable quotes:"She looked at her friends and it struck her how important it was for people to have happy times - for postive feelings of happy times will stay in a person's heart and mind forever.""But Rocky, you have to admit," said Molly, "there is something - some power in the world, and a lot of mystery. Maybe that is God.""Molly shook her head. Her experiences had taught her that everything that happens to you in life makes you who you are. If something horrible happens to you, that will change you; if something lovely happens to you, that will change you too. You might go through something scary-the frightening memories of that will always be inside you. Always somewhere. You might have a fantastic experience and that will always be inside you, filling you with confidence. Always.""There's no time like the present, No present like time.And life can be over in the space of a rhyme.There's no gift like friendship And no love like mine.Give me your love to treasure through time." (Rocky's song)"Molly smiled. She loved her friends and her life, too. From now on, whether she was at the beginning of time or the end of time or slap-bang in the middle of it, she would make the most of every moment." new words: pillion, bollard

Einstein is supposed to have said that the passage of time is relative to the person it affects. When you sit on a hot stove, a few seconds will seem like an hour and when you are talking to a beautiful girl (or a handsome young man, if you are a girl), an hour will seem like a few seconds. What if you can use hypnosis to slow down time so much that it actually stops. And what if, you slow down time even more that you go backwards?Well this, in short, is basically what Molly Moon does, but along the way, she has to contend with her most dangerous adversary yet, and try to stop him from turning into something like a god!Yet, despite all this, it seems to be a little worse than the previous works. It gives the feeling of doing too much in too little pages. The bright side though, is the possible revelation, at the end of the book, of a great secret from Molly's mother.

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This is the third book in the Molly Moon series.This time, Molly learns to time travel with green and red crystals and she gets kidnapped and taken to India back in time by the Maharajah of Waqt, who then goes forward in time and comes back with younger versions of Molly. He plans to make the younger versions of Molly relive her life before he kills them--therefore the actual Molly will also be killed. So Molly has to use her new time traveling powers to stop him and to get back home.Just like the previous two books, Molly Moons' Incredible Book of Hypnotism and Molly Moon Stops the World, there are well-made characters, a well-made plot, and funny jokes. Although it wasn't quite as exciting as the other books, I still enjoyed it.But still, you should read the books in order.GO MOLLY MOON!P.S. There's gonna be a movie of the first one!

molly is traveling through time bumping into earilier verisions of herself.shes trying to rescue them from an evil maharage named waqt but the only thing slowing him down or stopping him is molly and her brave pug Petula. This book reminds me of a movie i watched called back to the future. back to the future is kind of like molly moon but molly goes foward in time to follow waqt. in back to the future a kid is trying to warn\save his proffessor from being murdered. i would reccomend this to people who like mystery magic books because molly moon has a mystery about finding her past self and she has a seceret hypnotic power no one knowes about.