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Prisoners Of The North (2005)

Prisoners of the North (2005)

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0385660472 (ISBN13: 9780385660471)
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About book Prisoners Of The North (2005)

A suprisingly good read. I picked up this book for the chapter on Lady Jane Franklin (after having just finished the fictional account of her husband's lost voyage in The Terror A Novel by Dan Simmons). While I enjoyed getting the actual facts of John Franklin's tribulations searching for her husband, I actually enjoyed all five of the in-depth profiles of these figures whose lives were all deeply touched by events or experiences related to the far Northern reaches of Canada. And even with this similarity in common, each of the five figures follow widely different paths in their life. The author takes the historical facts known to each and weaves portraits that kept me thoroughly interested in finding out what happened to each of these amazing people. Good stuff!

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