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Q-Space (1998)

Q-Space (1998)

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At Starfleet's command the enterprise takes on Lem Faal, a Betazoid scientist and his two children. The ship will take part in an experiment concerning the Galatic Barrier.For centuries it has blocked the Federation's exploration beyond the Milky Way.He believes he can open up a breach in the barrier that will allow the Enterprise to pass through. Suddenly Q appears and warns Cpt. Picard that it is a very bad idea to break the barrier. Then Q's other half and baby Q appears. All sorts of chaos happens..Which was very fun to read..Then Q takes Picard on a journey to many different places. While not only does the Enterprise have to deal with the female Q, Baby Q but they also have to deal with the Calamarians. This is the 1st book in a 3 book series. I love reading about Q. This book is the correct way to write about Q not like I,Q which was very boring to me.....

Excellent TNG book featuring two of my favorite minor characters. Q and Broccoli, I mean Barclay. The book takes place after the TNG series ends and Worf is already on DS9. The author did a great job of capturing the likeness of all the characters, Picard, Q, Riker, Data, and Geordi. I did feel that Barclay was a little too over the top in his nervousness/clumsiness. For some reason, I seem to remember him making improvements during TNG. Either way, still a great opening to the Q Continuum trilogy and I am looking forward to the next book. 4.5/5

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